Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mondays' Music with a Southern Rock Twist

Some of my favorite music has come from the south, or been by people who did Rock with a Southern twist.

Starting off with a well known piece and a different group than I am used to hearing.  
I remember reading an article in Time magazine in 1975 talking about Linda Rondstadt being the queen of Hillbilly Rock and Rock and Roll.  Here is one of her best known pieces.
Last up a favorite Southern Rock band of mine from the 1980s'  ZZ Top.
Watch this video and see if you notice a message beyond the obvious.  It is very interesting if you catch it.  ZZ-Top did the same thing with Sharp Dressed Man as well.

So there you have it, three of my favorite Southern Rock singers, groups and songs.

Until next time.


  1. EXCELLENT choices! And I'm not just saying that because we picked one of the same ones... ;) I completely forgot about ZZ Top - love them! And of course Linda Ronstadt. :) Have a great week! Rock On! :)

    Old Alabama is a Redneck Paradise All Summer Long – it’s Sweet Home Alabama, not Somethin’ Bad!

  2. Loved LOVED LOVE ALL YOUR ROCKIN' TUNES! Especially ZZ Top one of my favorites! YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE DUDE! EEE HAAA

  3. Nice choices I just love Linda Ronstadt her song with The Stone Poneys called Different Drum always takes me back to my childhood.

    Have a tanfabulous week

  4. I am so glad you included Linda.
    People don't remember many of her songs and she was very versatile.

  5. Great choices i'm a huge fan of ZZ top. You totally had me moving and grooving with a lot of foot tapping. thanks for the dance.

  6. Oh, ZZ Top, fun. I didn't think of them. Fun video. I love the 80s style dress.

  7. I think I missed the message. Please tell because I watched and couldn't see it.

    Anyway, really fun line up you have here :)

    Happy Rocky Road Ice Cream Day!

  8. YOu picked some very cool ones today honey. Lynrd is popular today but your other two choices are awesome!

  9. ZZ-TOP always came to the rescue of a person being bullied whether it be the woman in Legs or the man In Sharp Dressed Man. ZZ and his ladies would transform and empower the person,