Monday, June 9, 2014

Mondays' Music Big Band Music of June 6th 1944

My Mondays' Music this week is a final tribute to the D-Day invasion which took place 70 years ago last Friday.  This is some of the music that was being listened to by the people stateside and by the soldiers, sailors and air men in England and eventually in Europe.

We start off with Harry James and Cherry.

Another Harry James arrangement of a song that had been popular throughout the great depression and for the first sever"al years of theWar.  ''I'll get by"

Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra close things out with Besame Mucho
Now closing things out for this special Mondays' Music is Glenn Miller and his orchestra with Moonlight Serenade, their theme which along with the other music and arrangements of Glenn Millers' orchestra would remain popular 70 years after the death of Glenn Miller who died only a few months after D-Day.  His transport went vanishing while flying from England to a USO show that Miller was to lead.

Until next time, this is Tamirisc M Dagda signing off.


  1. VERY COOL! Brings back memories of my Mom, and her smiling face. thanks

  2. Thanks for posting these endless, timeless classics. I especially like Moonlight Serenade.

  3. THe second one made me smile of course!

  4. I actually want to twirl around the dance floor :)
    Very good tribute to the D-Day.

    Happy Summer

  5. Whoa check you out! My mom had those albums The big band era, and Glen Miller albums... oh yeah she had them all cuz she loved to boogie. I remember her dancin' in the frontroom all by herself and I'd peek in & she'd dance with me not that I knew what I was doin'! I loved it though. I always loved the big band. My favorite was String of pearls & In the Mood. I can play that one on the accordion. hehehee Thanks for joinin' us!

  6. Wow what a flashback thank you for introducing me to some of these older songs. Love going back in time.