Tuesday, April 3, 2012

D is for Denver and

Downtown Denver, on the 16th Street Mall, near the old D&F (Daniel and Fishers) Tower.

The house I grew up in, built by my great great grand father.  Liver there from my birth until 2003, when I moved into a condo.

The Denver Dude, reflecting while relaxing in Manitou Springs Colorado.  This and the photo of me in front of my display taken by my wife Naila Moon.

My diorama that I build using spare lumber, artificial grass acrylic paints and scale models and figures.  Diorama represents a joint mission flown by the Flying Tigers, and the British Royal Air Force, in Burma in 1942.  All models and figures are 1/72nd scale.  Aircraft are the P-40 with Sharks Teeth, representing the Flying Tigers/American Volunteer Group.  And a British Westland Lysander light bomber.  Figures are by Airifix.
The Denver Dude, in front of his Display of models at the Windsor Library.


  1. The four D's ey?
    "Denver dude"-funny!
    Just an FYI hon, make all your writing the same size and not small. Who can read that?
    Love you!

  2. Found you through the A to Z; first of all, I love your philosophy in the "About Me" area. I have a feeling I'm going to like your blog! I'm obsessive about military aviation history, so I especially enjoyed the diorama... Good Work!!!!

  3. Great to see another Man Cave playing in the A to Z challenge! Love the models and diorama too!