Friday, April 13, 2012

M is for Mani.... no it's.....

Entry to Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Part of Manitou Springs at the base of Pikes Peak Mountain.

One of the many fountains in Manitou
This is a motel along with shops and a restaurant at the base of Pikes Peak.
 Not a bad restaurant to eat at.Me eating at a restaurant in Manitou Springs.

My wife 
My wife and I at Garden of the Gods

My mom when she was young, with my brother.

My mom when she was older, after my dads' passing.

Mom in Law decking out for the new year.

 My mother in law, when I first met her in 2009.

Fire pit at Mastodon State Park Missouri.

The Saint Louis Arch or Gateway to the West.
Looking down on Saint Louis from the Arch.

Merlin and I,  
Merlin and the wife.


And lastly, M is for my models.  This is just a sampling of the nearly 24 I have or am building.

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  1. I love Manitou!Found you via A to Z