Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for

Yeagar, Chuck Yeagar.  Chuck Yeagar was best known as the man who broke the sound barrier which he did in 1947.  However he was also one of the top aces in World War Two, he always named his plane, whether it was a P-51 Mustang or the X-1 which he broke the sound barrier after his wife, Glamorous Glennis.  This is footage from his breaking the sound barrier and a brief interview with his is included.

Y is also for Wierd Al Yankovc, a singer satirest from the mid 1970's who is still at it today.  From Eat it in 1980 to Polka Face 2011 Yankovic is still making people laugh at the music.

Y is for John Young.  He flew in the Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle programs.  He has been one of the oldest astronauts in the program and set a standard for others, showing that age should never be a determination of what a person can accomplish.

Funniest Russian comedian ever Yakov Smirnov

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