Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for

Women Ordained as Roman Catholic Priests.
Have you ever thought about how the Catholic Church is the only Christian Church, other than Russian Orthodox that does not have women as Priests, or Ministers among Christian Churches?
The reason given, is that none of the original desciples were women, and that therefore the logic is that Women are not to be Priests.

However, there is a growing movement in both the Unites States and Europe where upon women are taking on the role of Priests, Bishops and Cardinals.  These women are all students of theology and have taken all the required coreses.  Some are former nuns and many are women who just feel that the time has come for women to be ordained and to lead.

Many cradle Catholics and even some converts are uncomfortable in rocking the boat, fear of being excommunicated of being looked down upon by people in the church, in their community causes many who may support this movement to remain in the closet.

Yet in a time of pedophile priests and the church attempting to move back to the pre Vatican Two litany, maybe it is past time for such a bold change, perhaps the cradle Catholics need to wake up, get out of their cradles and move forward.  Many of the women doing this are working to bring the church back to really serving the community and to making the services more contemporary and valuable to the community at large.

So here's a challenge, find a Church in your community where women Priests conduct the service, don't give into the fear and attend.  If it is something you find your self liking, then attend, and tell others.  If you never attend you will never know what vibrancy and light there is in the RCWP movement, (Roman Catholic Women Priests)

As President Roosevel once said.  "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself,"

Photos of Rosemarie Hudson and other Ordained Roman Catholic Women Priests in Rome, December 2011.  They went to meet with Pope Benedict, to discuss the Ordination of Women, and were told that the Pope was other wise occupied and had no time to meet with them... ever.

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  1. I am not Catholic but find this argument a great one for ordaining women priests! Blessings and thanks for sharing