Thursday, April 5, 2012

F is for Father and

 Father 1973.  DPS Wallet photo.

Father in Law

 Family Taken by my wife, Naila Moon, February March 2009 when my brother and sister in law visited us in Denver.  I am the good looking one in the red shirt, in the middle. That is my Sister-in-law  to my left and my brother to my right.

Family, Me, My mother, my Aunt and Nephew taken by my Uncle in Kauai, Hawaii Christmas of 1975

 Family Me and my wife (Naila Moon) Taken by my Step daughter.  December 25th 2008. our wedding day.

Family, my step son, my wife and our grand daughter. Labor  Day weekend  Podunk,Mo 2009.
Family, my wife and mother in law,  Labor day weekend.  My wife and her aunt Marcia.  This photo was taken during Labor Day weekend 2009, as a surprise party for Aunt Marcia who was going to face Chemo. for cancer/ We (Naila Moon and I were the surprise part of the party, because although Aunt Marcia knew about the party, she was not aware we would be there.  It was a wonderful experience for all.

  Family  Mother in law and Father in law, at celebration for Aunt Marcia's preparing to go into chemo Labor day weekend.  Taken by my Step Daughter.
and Friends.  Two of my friends and I,(Being the one in the red sweater,) taken by my boss at the time.  January 2011


  1. oh, I love this! Father and Family are the perfect words to use for the letter "F"! Very special post. :)


  2. I can tell you're proud of your family. Nothing better! Visiting from AtoZ.

  3. There is nothing like Family for us!
    Great post my darling. I love you.
    ~Your wife

  4. Awww. such a sweet post! visiting from A-Z :-)