Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mondays Music Moves Me One hit wonders

I love music of all eras, so here are some of my favorite one hit wonders, starting with Freddy Cannon with a very popular song.

Here is a great song from the 1970's  Remember when music was much more diverse than it is now.

One of the best songs from the 1980's.  A song that still hold up today.

Although this song came out in the 1980's and was made famous a real Prince, this version came out in the 1990's and was a one hit wonder for Ben Taylor.  Too bad, he had a good voice.

This Monday's Music is dedicated to the memory of Dick Clark.  A man who launched the careers of many top stars.  His American Bandstand was the way many of us saw people like ABBA for the first time.


  1. You picked some fantastic ones this time, hon.
    Seriously, some of these bring me back. I am also amazed at the things I continue to learn about you.
    As I said on my blog, Dick Clark will forever be missed. If he is not already in the Music Hall of Fame, he should be. (I really don't know)
    Love you,
    Your Wife

  2. I'm not familiar with any of those, but I enjoyed listening to them! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

    What’s Up? I’m Too Sexy for Black Velvet, so call me: 867-5309 ‘cuz I Want Candy!

  3. Ahhh Sheena! Did she go? I haven't heard anything of her in a long time.

    Thanks for sharing your music!

  4. Way ta go! I knew everyone of them. The first one was from my older brother's era and he played it all the time. He played the acoustic, but mostly the drums so there was always music coming from his room or the basement. Sure wish he was still with us. He ROCKED! Anyway..wait nope never heard of the seagulls. The rest I have Sheena Easton had many songs that were cool. She also did that theme from that Christmas movie called, "Santa Claus the movie". I liked her. Thanks so much for joining us, and I hope you had a good time with our one hit wonders & maybe we'll see you next week, right? You and the wife totally rock!

  5. The only artist I recognize is Sheena Easton & I just can't place her hit here. These others are newbie to me, but wow so good! Thanks for linking up. It was so much fun!

    Love Train Presents: One Hit Wonders!

  6. Thanks for picking such great songs. I had forgotten about that Ocean song, I used to love that one.
    Thanks for playing along again this week. Hope you are having a great spring.