Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for

A favorite TV series when I was growing up was THE MAN FROM UNCLE, the co-star may look familiar to anyone who watches NCIS.  For it is the same actor, when he was much younger.

One of the top NFL players of all time was Johnny Unitus, who played for the Baltimore Colts, yes they were in Baltimore before they moved to Indianapolis.  They were a great team and Unitus was a great player.

And a commercial of what was once, my favorite airline.

My wifes two uncles Jim and Lloyd 
My late Uncle Bill

My late Uncle Jim.  Both brothers died with in a few months of each other.

Last the flag of this nation, a flag  and nation I am proud of.  Yes we have made mistakes, yet we have worked to always improve things and we have over come many obstacles.  The spirit of us as individuals and as a nation is what this flag means to me.



  1. Man From Uncle! Don't think I missed a one of those!


    Good "U"s for today!

    1. It has been so long, I can't remember if I saw all of the series or not. I know A@E had the series available a few years back, and I had bought one of the early episodes. Lost that in my last move. Hopefully they will run the series again. Would be great to see it again.

  2. Holy cow! Check out that Christmas tree! And the uncle, of course. But, wow, the Christmas tree.


    1. Yea my uncle Jim was flamboyant to say the least. Have no idea what happened to that Christmas Tree after he passed.

      Both of my uncles always were putting on some type of display, my uncle Bill used to build scale model sailing ships, he would do the rigging and everything. Talk about patience when it came to his displays; unfortunately he wasn't as patient with his family.