Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for

Saint Louis
The arch/Gateway to the West.
Saint Louis seen from the Arch.

History comes alive at the Saint Louis History Museum
 Firemen's hats and helmets.
The Beaver and products that came from him.
 Bloodletting tools
Cobbler vs factory worker... Which would you prefer???

A statue of a worker.

A kettle to make Beer, no soup, no Beer.
And a Mock up of the most famous plane of the 20th Century, the Spirit of Saint Louis

is of course for the World Series Champions Chicago Cubs...Not in the life time.  No seriously, the Colorado Rockies... Ah okay, the Saint Louis Cardinals.
See and no pictures from STAR TREK, STAR WARS or Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.... Hmmm how did that happen?

One other S.  The young people and adults involved in the Saint Baldrics Shave for a cure, that is done yearly to support the American Cancer Society, Relay For Life and other cancer fighting organizations.


  1. Top of the day to ya!

    That statue of the worker looks so real- had to take a second and then a third look-lol.

    That is quite a beer kettle!

    Never been to Saint Louis; seems like a great place to visit!

  2. @Betty-there are some really great things to see in St, Louis if you ever get here. Oh and most are free too!
    Uh, hmmm hubby, St. Louis Cardinals Rock!
    I can't believe you did not put some sci-fi thing in here soooo....I did! LOL

    Love you,
    Your Wife